Mobile design and development is a new discipline for many in the learning industry. A user-centric design-thinking approach is necessary for positive results. However, this type of approach is counter to how most of us have approached instructional design and we must understand it if we are to truly address the mobile learner’s needs.

In this interactive session you will learn how to build amazing mobile learning by leveraging the device’s unique affordances. You will discuss what device affordances are and explore various examples of them. You will examine how best to embrace learner needs and match them against mobile opportunities. You will brainstorm and share your ideas on how to leverage these affordances in learning programs. All content generated during the session will be shared back to the participants for later use.

In this session, you will learn:

  • What device affordances are
  • Why they matter and how to use them
  • Some quick ideas for creating true mobile learning
  • How to embrace the learner’s needs and design effective mobile learning

Novice designers, developers, project managers, and managers with a basic understanding of mobile devices and their usage.

Technology discussed in this session:
Mobile devices.