Engaging learners online in an authentic way presents challenges for instructors and designers trying to create effective and pedagogically sound courses. An ideal educational experience happens when students encounter a cognitive presence, a social presence, and a teaching presence. Such an experience can also be grounded within the community of inquiry model and personal learning environment.

In this case-study session, you will explore how book clubs became the stepping stone to transform a traditional online asynchronous classroom activity to an engaging, social, and active online-learning experience through asynchronous peer interaction and collaboration. You will learn how these book clubs provided the scaffolding for small-group debates. You will discover how Southern New Hampshire University successfully implemented asynchronous online book clubs and debates in a combined community and global Health course. You will discuss overcoming potential difficulties and limitations in the successful deployment of collaborative activities within a learning management system.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to implement collaborative strategies in an online environment
  • How book clubs and debates can create student engagement and learning opportunities
  • How to reference the community-of-inquiry model in asynchronous activities
  • Design, development, and implementation techniques for group forums, wikis, and discussions

Novice designers and directors.

Technology discussed in this session:
Collaboration and other tools available in Blackboard, Adobe Connect, Skype, etc.