Using Social Tools for Performance Support

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Performance Support Symposium 2014 - September 9, 2014

Christopher Nekvinda

Director of Global Learning Operations
Cannon Financial Institute

Social learning platforms (SLPs) are for some organizations the new face of performance support systems and knowledge bases. SLPs offer engaging capabilities such as two-way communication through video and audio sharing, instant feedback via posts and responses, and tagging functions for optimized search, grouping, and content sequencing.

In this session participants will explore the best practices and use cases for breaking down corporate perceptions that social learning is a distraction and not fit for the workplace. You will discuss how embedding content and enabling performance support through known social web tools adds speed to sharing with minimal training requirements. You will discover how easy it is for these technologies to be used to optimize performance through on-demand performance support. You will explore examples of embedding short video clips and encouraging participants of the communities to do the same, and how that contributes to workers being able to find the latest information right when they need it.


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