Implementing Performance Support for a National Sales Force

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Performance Support Symposium 2014 - September 9, 2014

Michael Whatley

Senior Manager, Training Initiatives & Curriculum Design
Cox Automotive Media Sales Organization

Salespeople are at their most effective when they’re out, in the field, doing what they do best—generating revenue for your company. Traditional classroom training takes them out of their element and sacrifices valuable in-market time, and eLearning impacts work-life balance as modules are often taken on your own time. With the advent of mobile technologies, there is a growing need for in-the-moment, high-impact training for a rapidly changing environment.

In this session, participants will learn how implemented a performance support model for their national sales team in conjunction with their latest product training program. You will explore a blended solution that consists of distance learning, virtual learning, and a new approach to performance support. You will discuss some of the key considerations and lessons learned from the development of this program. You will also explore logistical topics like capturing your audience, designing for multiple screens, and measuring adoption and success.


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