Today, we are seeing more and more businesses—large and small—turn to performance support as a mechanism for supporting their users on a moment-of-need basis. On its own, performance support delivers impressive and quantifiable results. When combined effectively with other, more traditional approaches to training—eLearning, formal learning, job aids, business process guidance, etc.—the results are very impressive.

During this session, we will explore how organizations can create fully integrated learning programs that deliver measurable, long-lasting results. Delegates will learn how performance support can be integrated with tools such as eLearning for maximum effect. We will also discuss how organizations can bridge the gap between learning content production and performance support. In addition, John Amein, the vice president of product management at Aspect Software, will give you insight on the company’s implementation of a fully integrated content creation and performance support solution, focusing on its Aspect Active Learning Portal and its new call center on the cloud-based Zipwire platform.