Transforming a Learning Portal into a Performance Support System

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Performance Support Symposium 2014 - September 8, 2014

Christopher Chalfant

Senior Manager
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

Joe Totherow

Senior Learning Technologist
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

Bank examiner staff, on their way to becoming commissioned examiners, must complete hundreds of hours of training and participate in multiple on-the-job learning experiences. This creates a challenge to ensure that the learning and performance-support resources are provided to this community in a way that allows the learner to get the up-to-date support needed within weeks, or sometimes days, of a new job assignment.

In this session you will learn how the Federal Reserve System’s banking supervision and regulation business line evolved its primary learning resource, the “Learning Center,” from a basic learning portal to a fully integrated learning and performance-support system. You will explore how this system provides context- and job-specific learning resources and fully integrated curriculum support to examiners who must learn the job while performing the job. You will discuss the creative solutions the learning-center designers and developers discovered that will give you numerous ideas to apply in your own performance support system.


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