Implementing Performance Support on a Shoestring Budget

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Performance Support Symposium 2014 - September 8, 2014

Michael Bungenstock

Project Manager
Southern California Edison

Pam Smith

Southern California Edison

The ability to do a lot with limited resources requires planning and organization as well as imagination and personal commitment. Organizations often feel the solution to their problem is new technology—but new technology comes with problems. You have to spend time to learn it, have the funds to maintain it, and hope that the IT department will still support the technology when they change platforms.

In this session you will learn how Southern California Edison’s technology-integration department was able to build and deploy a variety of performance-support materials with limited staff and without investing in high-tech technologies and platforms. You will explore how to develop a standardized work process that utilizes internal SMEs, leverages existing training and vendor resources, and supports multiple-deployment and on-going management strategies. You will discuss numerous types of performance-support tools including job aids, videos, animation, self-directives, and more. You will leave this session understanding how to develop a low-cost, standardized, and consistent work process that will develop workforce capabilities through performance support tools.


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