Over the past year, Mars Chocolate deployed the Upside2Go mobile learning app within its Sales University to deliver performance support (PS) tools and learning interventions to its sales organization. In order to drive organizational adoption and engagement for Upside2Go and the new tools, Mars created a campaign to introduce the mobile learning app and branded the initiative, and the app itself, as “iLearn.” 

In addition to iLearn housing PS tools such as mobile flashcards and other PS job aids, Mars decided to support its B.Y.O.D. sales organization by using responsive design for learning residing on iLearn. By utilizing the Framework for Responsive Design (FRED), PS and learning only have to be developed once and will then adapt and play well on virtually any tablet or smartphone. This approach has enabled Mars to extend its classroom training with smaller learning chunks and snippets, as well as invaluable PS tools built to fit into the sales teams’ workflow.