Despite knowing about the power of performance-support tools, workplace learning professionals often don’t make the best use of such tools in their own work. Indeed, workplace learning leaders face two major challenges that often leave them with inadequate results: learning measurement and educating their business stakeholders. Learning measurement does a poor job of providing feedback, and educating stakeholders—though a key in enabling successful learning and performance practices—often fails to persuade.

In this session, participants will learn how the concept of stealth messaging can persuade stakeholders more effectively than traditional methods. You will join an in-depth exploration of a recently-designed, research-based evaluation form that acts as a performance-support device (in a non-traditional way). You will discover how stealth messaging prompts new perspectives and behavior change in organizational stakeholders—the kind of stakeholders that learning leaders have to gain the support of. You will leave this session understanding a unique way of getting more of what you need from your organization, enabling your teams to be truly effective in improving performance.