Practical Principles for Developing Effective Performance Support Solutions

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Performance Support Symposium 2014 - September 8, 2014

Avraham (Bibi) Rosenbach

Kryon Systems

Yanay Zaguri

Director of Product
Kryon Systems

Performance support (PS) is gaining momentum and many companies are beginning to adopt performance-support concepts and solutions. Software as a service providers like Salesforce and LinkedIn have embedded first-time-use guidance into their software to improve the customer experience. Large enterprises across different industries have implemented PS solutions to improve employee productivity, eliminate mistakes, and reduce the costs of ineffective formal learning. However, many performance-support implementations are doomed to fail due to naïve mistakes made during the design phase.

In this session you will discover eight key principles that will ensure successful performance-support project implementations. You will see examples from daily living to demonstrate these principles, and how these concepts take shape when designing performance-support processes. You will get simple “dos and don’t’s” so you can avoid the same mistakes many have made before.


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