A customer walks into your store and pulls out their smartphone. After connecting to your free public Wi-Fi, they now have more access to information in the palm of their hand than your employees could ever retain, no matter how good your training is. In this paradigm, how do you help your employees help your customers, particularly in a complex retail environment where product knowledge and project know-how are key differentiators?

In 2013, Home Depot Canada began an ambitious project to test and implement mobile performance support (mPS) in its stores. With the intention of positively impacting the customer experience and top-line sales, Home Depot began testing the viability of placing mobile devices into the aprons of its associates. Branded “SMaRT Learning” (social, mobile, and real time), pre-provisioned iPad Minis were provided for associates to use in the aisles with their customers. In this session participants will review the challenges, successes, and “do differentlies” of Home Depot’s experience with mPS. You will discover the processes, lessons learned, and the measurable outcomes that were achieved. You will also explore how a newly implemented BYOD policy impacted the mPS solution.