Previous bad experiences, doubts about suitability, questions about measuring success—these are just a few of the challenges commonly posed to senior learning professionals when they look to implement performance support solutions in an organization. Performance support is a difficult paradigm shift for most organizations and an even tougher sell to the skeptical stakeholder. In this interactive closing session, a distinguished panel of experts will tackle the tough questions that you’ve been asked or will be asked as your organization adopts performance support. You will gain insight into the common (and uncommon) concerns that you should expect as you establish performance support in your organization, and you’ll walk away prepared to respond to even the most difficult of cynics.

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Bob Mosher

CEO/Chief Learning Evangelist, APPLY Synergies & Co-Founder of the 5 Moments of Need Methodology

Marc Rosenberg

President, Marc Rosenberg and Associates

Allison Rossett

Principal, Allison Rossett & Associates