The tools, techniques, and strategies that organizations use to provide performance support to workers often change over time. As organizations adopt and evolve their performance support practices, they generally follow a predictable path on the performance support maturity model. In this session, you’ll learn from the senior leaders of four organizations, each of whom is at a different point in their performance support maturity lifecycle. You’ll learn how organizations assess their performance support maturity by analyzing factors like workplace integration, information technology, proliferation, content reuse, and learning experience. Each of the panelists will share their successes, challenges, and visions for what to do next. You’ll also explore the roadblocks that organizations encounter when implementing performance support solutions and how you can overcome them.


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Jonathan Mann

Senior Design Manager, PayPal

Jeremy Smith

Senior Learning Solutions Manager, Herman Miller

Joe Totherow

Senior Learning Technologist, Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

Kangmei Yang

Director of Learning Technologies, Sears Holdings Corporation