Mobile is the new way of learning. Learners want it, and companies want to provide it. However, app development can be expensive, especially if you are starting from a mostly print or standard eLearning model of training. Finding a way to give learners and organizations the mobile learning they want without breaking the bank is a must in today’s training market, especially for companies with populations of mobile learners (e.g., sales).

 In this session you will learn how ePubs and iBooks can be used as a low-cost solution for taking training content mobile. We will explore how these digital books are able to support many of the same bells and whistles traditional eLearning interactions support, and examine how digital books leverage the same inputs as traditional apps—such as gestures—but cost a fraction to develop and maintain across multiple operation systems and devices. You’ll discover there is a slightly different design process required when building training for eBooks, but you’ll see examples of how it’s done across several different type of learning so you can take it home and try it yourself. 

In this session, you will learn:

  • What platforms and tools are available to use for digital publications
  • The different audiences for each publishing platform, and which best fits your audience
  • Real-world strategies from companies that use digital book platforms as part of their mobile strategy
  • The do’s and do not’s of digital book publishing


Novice to advanced designers, developers, and managers with a basic knowledge of instructional design principles.

Technology discussed in this session:

ePub publishing using Adobe InDesign, Apple iBook Author, and Adobe Digital Publishing Suite.


Session Video