While most organization see mLearning as something new, it’s actualy been in existsnece in some form for well over a decade. Just as mobile technology has advanced and evolved during that time, so to have the strategies we use to leverge these technologues for learning and performance. Understanding where we have been, and the lessons we learned getting to this point, will help better prepare us for the continued evolution of mLearning in the future.

In this session you will explore the progress that has been made in mLearning over the last decade and more. You will discuss the many things our industry has learned about how training and performance needs can be solved using mobile devices. You will learn about the expanded ways in which phones – both smart and feature - can be used for just-in time needs. You will also explore the ways that tablets and even laptops are being included in a learning strategy that includes mobile. You will leave this interactive session with a better understanding of how mobile tehnologies are changing the way learning is viewed in corporate and academic environments.

In this session, you will learn:

  • The history of mLearning and what it means to the future
  • What mobile technologies are available to us today
  • What mobile technologies we can expect tomorrow
  • Various applications of mobile technlogies being used for learning

Novice Designers, Developers, Project Managers, Managers, and Directors

Technology discussed in this session:
Various mobile technologies