People have yet to see major enterprise-level examples of Experience API (xAPI) adoption and the value of its features and functionality. Without these examples, bringing fully formed ideas about the xAPI’s capabilities back to their workplace is a challenge. Learning professionals need to see advanced integrations of the xAPI in non-traditional adaptations so they can understand how it can be used effectively.

In this session participants will learn about Lifeway’s Ministry Grid, and exactly how the xAPI is enabling it. You will review a demonstration of the application itself, and discuss the specific enhancements made possible via the xAPI. You will explore the architecture, the kinds of xAPI statements made, and the specific technology in play. You will discuss the lessons learned during the implementation, including pitfalls like trying to capture everything that happens anywhere. Participants will leave this session with a real-life example of implementing and using the xAPI in a large, enterprise environment.

In this session, you will learn:

  • What the xAPI can do in real world application
  • How organizations can accomplish what has not been possible before
  • How Lifeway is using the xAPI to directly support business objectives
  • What roles or skill sets were used to accomplish what Lifeway has done

Novice to advanced designers, developers, project managers, and managers with a cursory knowledge of the xAPI.

Technology discussed in this session:
Ministry Grid, enabled by the xAPI.