Organizational learning infrastructures are constantly evolving, and mobile technology is now at the forefront of the new learning environment. Mobile technology provides the platform to provide informative and useful learning content to learners whenever and wherever they need or want it. Although the industry continues to stir with talk about mobile technology and the benefits it can provide to learning and development, CLOs have been slow to adopt mobile as a learning strategy. How do you best optimize mobile technology and ubiquitous connectivity for learning opportunities that have a positive impact on business performance?

In this session you will explore a number of use cases and business scenarios that show how mobile technology can best be utilized to bring about positive returns on training, employee and overall business performance. You will discover how mobile technology can be used as an input mechanism to enable social learning, a critical component of any organization that is striving to become a true high-performing learning organization. You will identify personal use case scenarios as well as the direct and indirect benefits of including mobile as part of a learning strategy. You will leave this session with a better understanding of using mobile not only to deliver content, but as a mechanism that enables social learning, a critical component in the development of high-performing learning organizations.

In this session, you will learn:

  • The direct and indirect benefits of adopting mobile technology as part of your learning strategy
  • The value of using mobile technology to enhance social learning opportunities
  • The characteristics of a high-performing learning organization
  • How to develop a formal learning strategy that includes mobile learning as an initiative


Novice to advanced managers, directors, and VPs with a general understanding of how training contributes to overall corporate strategies and business performance objectives.           

Technology discussed in this session:

We will discuss using tablets and cellphones in addition to general social and mobile learning technologies.