Blended mobile learning should be an experience that holds value for both training and performance support. The growing usage of tablets and mobile apps provides an opportunity to combine more traditional eLearning with user-friendly mobile applications that can also capture real-time data to enhance the overall instructional content. Pairing performance support apps with learning materials ensures that content delivered in a training session stays relevant to the user on the job.        

In this session you will learn how a major regional transit training group embraced blended mobile learning and performance support with interactive courseware on tablets. You will discover how adding a performance support app to the overall learning structure enabled users to immerse themselves in the content in ways that create a higher degree of learning and immediate feedback. You will explore the challenges associated with navigating different browsers on various mobile devices and desktop operating systems while keeping courseware up-to-date and interactive, in addition to the steps required to make courses accessible for learners with disabilities.        

In this session, you will learn:

  • How tablets and other mobile devices can offer a more interactive and engaging learning experience
  • Programming solutions for creating engaging and effective interactions when not using Flash or HTML5
  • Strategies to make eLearning accessible to people with disabilities when programming using custom solutions
  • Ways performance support apps can take learning far beyond the classroom


Intermediate and advanced designers, developers, project managers, and managers.        

Technology discussed in this session:

Tablets, smartphones, HTML, JavaScript, jQuery libraries, and mobile applications.