The Emergence of the Development Management System

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Ecosystem 2014 - March 20, 2014

Bill West

President & Founder

Talent management systems and learning management systems help you plan and deliver solutions. A development management system (DMS) is an integrated platform that supports the development of solutions while automating project management and business processes for increased productivity. Every other profession—accounting, sales, manufacturing, HR, IT, and so on—has supporting toolsets to manage day-to-day operations (ERP, HRIS, CRM, etc.); yet for decades the L&D industry has had to rely on spreadsheets and homemade database solutions. 

 In this session, you will learn how a DMS facilitates the development process and automates day-to-day operations across the entire enterprise. A fully functional DMS can help implement uniform processes, deploy methodologies and standards, facilitate effective SME relationships, manage the deliverable review process, facilitate user tests, optimize staff resources, forecast production needs, manage vendors, manage the operational budgets, and measure your overall efficiency. 


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