Learning Management Systems: What Else Can They Do?

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Ecosystem 2014 - March 19, 2014

Steve Foreman

InfoMedia Designs

Learning management systems (LMS) are a core learning technology for many organizations, and LMS products have evolved over the years to meet the increasingly sophisticated needs of the organizations that use them. Yet, as is the case with many software applications, the 80/20 rule applies—80 percent of organizations tend to use only about 20 percent of the functionality. Implementing an LMS represents a significant investment in dollars, time, effort, and resources.

This session focuses on the wide range of features and functionality offered by LMSs. Chances are, if you have some tricky learning-management requirements, there are a few different ways you can leverage your LMS to achieve your goals. If not, another LMS may be there out there that is better suited to your organization’s needs. Is your organization making the most of your LMS? 


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