When most of us think about eLearning, the first thing that comes to mind is the online course. Yes, of course there are wikis, blogs, performance support, communities of practice, and social media—but when we want to provide valid vetted content, we just can’t seem to escape the online course approach. Until now! Subscription learning offers a whole new paradigm about how to deliver learning content: in small nuggets spread over time. Learners subscribe like they might subscribe to a magazine, but instead of getting a tree’s worth of pages, they get targeted learning nuggets designed intentionally to support long-term remembering.

In this session you will explore the subscription learning concept, learn about the research that originally suggested its use, and see examples of actual subscription learning tools. Whether subscription learning becomes a disruptive technology—remaking the eLearning industry—or just offers a potent tool for the eLearning developer’s toolkit, it’s an idea that must be considered now.