Gamification has moved beyond buzzword status and is quickly gaining traction across online and mobile worlds alike as L&D teams look for ways to introduce game mechanics into their curriculums to drive engagement. Adding gaming elements need not be complex or expensive. Rather, simple game mechanics can breathe new life into many existing learning activities using simple constructs and without breaking the bank.

This session will explore how training teams are introducing new gamification methods and game-based learning models to drive and improve mobile learning. This session starts with an introduction to game-enabled learning environments and the various market conditions, solution providers, and resulting behaviors that are driving enterprises to want to add game dynamics and mechanics into their learning programs for an increasingly mobile workforce. It will present several use cases for successfully planning, introducing, and managing game profiles in support of formal and informal learning interactions for mobile enterprise workers, customers, and partners alike. Participants will learn how simple game mechanics like point systems, levels, leader boards, badges, and reward systems help drive learner participation, create a sense of informal versus assignment-oriented interaction, and result in improvements in knowledge retention and operational readiness.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How game mechanics and game methods can help drive learning in your organization and accelerate business outcomes
  • How to add game mechanics/dynamics like leader boards, points, levels, and badges to learning practices
  • Demonstrate how to add gamification to formal and informal learning practices using commercial off-the-shelf and open source tools
  • How other organizations have increased learner engagement and customer satisfaction through gamification

All levels and roles.

Technology discussed in this session:
Various tools to develop game-based learning.

Student Technology needs: