Razorfish is developing its people by providing a self-directed university-modeled blended learning portal. Razorfish University provides people with on-the-job resources, formal training modules, links to additional external training (like Lynda.com), short videos, webinars and workshops, and communications capabilities. Participation and collaboration is incentivized by automatically awarding people based on detailed custom criteria for grouped activities. 

This session highlights, through a case study, how an organization can use open source technologies, the Experience API (xAPI), and analytics to better support and contribute to organizational learning and development. Attendees will learn about the most comprehensive real-world implementation of a self-directed, guided, and incentivized blended learning portal. The session will outline a roadmap for L&D practitioners in choosing the right tools and technologies. 

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to develop a roadmap for choosing the right technologies for organizational learning needs
  • How to identify the benefits and challenges that Razorfish experienced during implementation
  • How to gain a stronger understanding of real-world uses for Mozilla Open Badges, the xAPI, and targeted learning analytics
  • How to mobilize your L&D organization to align practices with business needs