Creating engaging eLearning content is the greatest challenge facing online educators. Utilizing gamification techniques is an extremely effective way to ensure that learners have fun and thus remain engaged with courses. Gamification has been one of the most talked about concepts in eLearning over the past few years, but very rarely have we seen practical and affordable application of the theories presented.

This session will provide you with the most important theoretical aspects of gamification that are applicable to enhancing eLearning in a meaningful way. You will see practical, real-world solutions to utilizing gamification techniques. Examples will include using gamification techniques within online courses as well as using games as motivational rewards. Open Badges will be explained, as will how to combine them with points and leaderboards within eLearning. Additionally, you will see how customizable user avatars can be used to significantly encourage ongoing course engagement.

In this session, you will learn:

  • Why gamification is important in enhancing eLearning
  • How to affordably and practically implement gamification techniques
  • How to use Open Badges to improve learner engagement and brand exposure
  • How to use customizable avatars in an eLearning setting
  • Different real-world use cases of gamification implementations
  • How to reward learners using points and badges

Participants should have a basic knowledge of eLearning.

Technology discussed in this session:
Mozilla Open Badge, Articulate Storyline, Captivate, HTML5, Flash, mobile.

Student technology needs: