In many institutions of higher education, it is no longer possible for faculty members and content experts to have instructional designers and multimedia specialists who are devoted only to a small number of courses and program. The question becomes how to staff and support the growth of courses and programs to scale offerings while at the same time offering a high-quality experience to both faculty members and students. In any context, where online learning or training happens, an increase of offerings necessarily leads to a strain in resources.

Participants in this session will discover the ways to utilize a small staff of 10 to support nine fully online programs and well over 100 courses, all while still maintaining quality design and development standards. You’ll learn ways that include changing the design methodology, the way the team works together, the budgeting and funding models, and the skills and responsibilities of the faculty members themselves.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to scale online course offerings with a small design staff
  • How to maintain quality offerings with fewer resources per offering
  • The ways design work may be constructed to meet scalability issues
  • How to budget for increasing your team in the future while scaling first

Novice and intermediate project managers, managers, and directors.

Technology discussed in this session:

Student technology needs: