You don’t need fulltime grant or development staff to apply for and be awarded grants. Funding exists to develop programs and courses for various educational needs, though the challenge often involves locating them and effectively managing their application and implementation.

This session will cover how to locate these opportunities, develop plans to align them with internal needs, write the grant with constituent buy-in and realistic commitments, project manage these processes to meet the timelines, and write and submit ongoing reports. Participants will leave the session with practical tips for locating grants, writing grant proposals, and managing their implementation.

In this session, you will learn:

  • Where to locate grants that align with your organization’s needs and abilities
  • How to identify items to include in the proposal
  • How to get your proposal to stand out
  • How to make sure your future projects reap the benefits from the grant project session

Those needing to find grant funding for their projects.

Technology discussed in this session:
None—this session focuses on processes and not the course development.

Student technology needs: