More and more we are moving to virtual classrooms, often times trying to figure out how to make our curriculum fit into eLearning.

This session is a case study in how CCC Information Services converted a traditional classroom training program into a fully realized online eLearning experience. It provides step-by-step strategy on how to accomplish this task; there are guides on analysis, development, design, implementation, and evaluation to help aid any learning professional when converting a classroom course into an online experience. The session will include a live demo of the course content.

In this session, you will learn:

  • Strategy for converting classroom training to eLearning
  • Tips and tricks on creating an eLearning program
  • Lessons learned on what not to do
  • Aligning eLearning development with ADDIE

Novice to intermediate level. This session is perfect for those learning professionals who find themselves converting classroom programs into online classrooms. This is for instructional designers and content developers who have a background in design, but are looking for tips for eLearning design.

Technology discussed in this session:
Various eLearning development tools.

Student technology needs: