Too often L&D professionals are stuck in L&D status quo—the order-taking mode. In order to add value to an organization, learning and development must move from taking orders to anticipating organizational need. This means, at times, taking a stand and being a learning rebel. Organizations need L&D departments that can solve real business issues in real time—sometimes this means having to tell the emperor that he isn’t wearing any clothes.

Participants in this session will discover how moving from order taker to learning rebel requires three Cs: courage of conviction, challenge conventional thinking, and advocating for culture change. This session will bring you real-world solutions and examples on how to apply these three Cs to any organization.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How keeping the status quo is hurting your organization
  • How to use the three Cs to build your rebellion
  • How to move from order taker to learning rebel
  • The different tools available to support your rebellion

Participants should come into this session willing to be a change agent, prepared to share successes and failures, and be open to new ideas and experiences, Some technical knowledge of the Internet and social media platforms will be helpful.

Technology discussed in this session:
Survey Monkey, Google Apps, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Student technology needs: