Ask SMEs, your boss, or your client about the most important part of the content, and the answer is usually “everything.” We all want to believe this. Yet in real life, there is hardly enough time to cover all of the content. Consequently, we attempt to shove them down the learners’ throats. We extend training time beyond what is necessary.

The solution is to chunk and boil down content into small snippets and granular learning by asking the questions, What is truly valuable? What are error areas? What content is difficult to learn? Using these questions, the lessons will focus on the high-impact learning ideas and avoid unneeded and wasteful learning expense. This session will look at answers for these critical questions on managing content. You will review demos and examples of the step-by-step process of converting content into chunks.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to manage a PowerPoint library of 2,000 presentations
  • How to help SMEs break content down into “must learn now” and “learn later”
  • The benefits of chunked and boiled-down content to shorten learning and lower costs
  • Ways to trim PowerPoint presentations from 100 pages to 10 pages
  • How to cut costs of development down to 30 percent
  • Methods to increase speed of development to 300 percent
  • The five-step process of chunking long content into small, reusable learning objects

Novice and intermediate professionals.

Technology discussed in this session:
HTML5, iPad /Android, Storyline, and Flash.

Student technology needs: