How does a large global organization implement a global leadership program for frontline and middle managers, many of whom have never had formal leadership training? How does the organization make smart use of technology, while also building in appropriate face-to-face time, mentoring, and support? How does an organization partner with vendors to build the right program, while also ensuring that the organization’s cultural needs are met?

In this case-study session, participants will explore a two-year leadership-development program currently being piloted at Coats, the world’s leading industrial thread and consumer textile crafts business, with locations in more than 70 countries, and over 20,000 people across six continents. A truly blended initiative, this curriculum includes face-to-face workshops, virtual classroom sessions, one-on-one coaching with managers, and a series of self-paced eLearning tutorials. Coats worked with two vendors to design, develop, and deliver this curriculum. You’ll learn what it takes to create an effective partnership at this scale, the roles of each party, and the lessons learned from the design and development process.

In this session, you will learn:

  • The definition of blended learning and its components
  • The advantages of blended learning
  • The keys to a successful blended learning program implementation
  • The appropriate use of technology-based solutions within a blended learning initiative
  • Ways you can incorporate blended learning into your own learning initiatives

Designers, managers, directors, VPs, and CLOs who are in organizations eager to learn more about implementing long-term curriculums regardless of topic. It will be of particular interest to those looking at creating leadership programs.

Technology discussed in this session:
Articulate Storyline.

Student technology needs: