Making decisions on results of tracking the Experience API is identical in nature to corporate business intelligence. Learning to take real advantage of large amounts of transaction data and understand them in meaningful presentations is both a science and an art.

In this session, participants will hear about lessons learned from corporate business intelligence ranging from banking and insurance to sophisticated retail and automotive companies. You’ll learn to apply these tools and tricks of the trade to what you can learn from exploring data managed via the Experience API.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How business intelligence and the Experience API are similar
  • What a business intelligence professional does to evaluate lots of information
  • What tools you can apply to information like what the Experience API generates to make it visually meaningful
  • Where the science and art come together to create intelligent, actionable value from Experience API data

Intermediate professionals. A working knowledge of the Experience API is helpful, but not necessary.

Technology discussed in this session:
SAP BusinessObjects Universe and Web Intelligence, Big Data including MongoDB and JSON file structures, the Experience API, and information architecture modeling.

Student technology needs: