Rapid development requires that you complete and deliver the course as quickly as possible, but this fast pace and need to do more with less has resulted in significant steps being left out of the process. One of these critical elements is assessment. This is an important step in every project you undertake, whether you are responsible for design, development, learning facilitation, organizational development, or talent management.

This session will transform your thinking about this vital aspect of developing a sound learning strategy. You will cover what needs assessment is and what it is not. You will explore ways of doing assessments formally and informally. You will practice crafting better questions to bring better results. You will leave this session with the initial outline of a needs assessment plan for a current or upcoming project.

In this session, you will learn:

  • What needs assessment is and is not intended to do
  • The difference between analysis and assessment
  • To craft better questions
  • To explore various ways of gathering the needs information

Novice and intermediate professionals.

Technology discussed in this session:
Social and informal learning modalities, content management systems, and SMS.

Student technology needs: