Doing Things with Words: Words That Work in eLearning

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Learning Solutions Conference & Expo 2014 - March 20, 2014

Lisa Russell

Instructional Designer

Good writing skills are essential for an instructional designer, and while often ignored, these skills are needed now more than ever.  Designers can learn a new technology quickly, but need tools at their fingertips to help write effectively and proficiently with few errors. They need the depth of excellent writing along with amazing technology.

There are tips and tools to help. This session will look at ways to make words work with quick tips you can use as you are putting information together for maximum retention. Participants will learn to arrange words, phrases, and paragraphs to grab the learners and keep them reading. They will learn how to manage technical jargon and make it user friendly. They will learn how to work smarter with words and not be paralyzed by writing projects. They will see examples of visual rhetoric using graphics along with or in place of words.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to use words to engage the eLearner
  • How carefully crafted first sentences will draw the eLearner into deeper learning
  • How to quickly self-edit, then find another pair of skilled eyes to make you look smart
  • How to make your words do things and give your eLearning depth and design
  • Takeaway tools to add to your eLearning toolbox
  • How to deconstruct technical jargon and construct learning that sticks
  • How to combine your words with your design for a perfect synergy
  • How to recycle your writing


Technology discussed in this session:
Writing and development tools that are free or low cost.

Student Technology needs:
A laptop or tablet.


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