You have Adobe Captivate 7. You use Adobe Captivate 7. However, something’s bugging you. You know there are features that seem to always be out of your reach, even outside your vision. What’s hiding under the hood? What secrets are lurking behind the curtain? How can you use those to make better eLearning? More importantly, how can you use those secrets to impress your geeky Captivate friends?

Risking life and limb, the presenter will reveal the secrets that are known only to the Inner Sanctum. The Illuminati have threatened him, the Secret Order of Magicians have plotted against him. Everywhere he goes, he has to avoid assassins and robots from the future sent back to exterminate him. This may be the last day he’ll live, but he will reveal to you the secrets that have evaded all but those “in the know” before he dies. It’s the least he can do. Participants will come in knowing something; they will leave knowing much more. They will be sworn to secrecy. They will use their newfound knowledge to create supercool eLearning while impressing their friends.

In this session, you will learn:

  • To use features that have been outside your reach
  • To find out what’s under the hood and take advantage of it
  • To implement workarounds to limitations that in the past have stymied you
  • To impress your friends with your big brain

Novice and intermediate designers, developers, and project managers with a working knowledge of eLearning development and a familiarity with Adobe Captivate.

Technology discussed in this session:
Captivate 7.

Student technology needs: