Leveraging Game Elements for Learning, Engagement, and Fun

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Learning Solutions Conference & Expo 2014 - March 19, 2014

Karl Kapp

Bloomsburg University

Games, gamification, and game-based learning have entered into the vocabulary of trainers, eLearning developers, and instructional designers over the past few years. But the influx has left many questions: What elements from games should be used in learning design? How does one seamlessly integrate story, challenge, badges, and points into the learning process? Does competition help or hurt learning? What research exists to support game elements for learning?

This interactive presentation includes many examples of using game elements for learning. And, yes, you will play a game during this session. Discover how research-based game thinking and design can be leveraged to create effective, engaging instruction.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to apply game-based strategies to the presentation of learning content
  • Three principles for adding gamification and game ideas to learning curriculum
  • Four motivational aspects of games that improve learning recall and application

All levels of developers and instructional. No previous knowledge or skill required.

Technology discussed in this session:

Student technology needs:


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