Workplace training professionals are struggling to prove the worth of training initiatives, and it is more challenging as they are attempting to convince management to make hard (capital) investments for a variety of training initiatives including mLearning and eLearning initiatives. Training ROI is not a credible tool for management as they do not view training as a capital investment but rather as a line expense that you don’t measure through ROI methodologies.

Session participants will discover why they are unable to gain organizational support for training while developing their ability to demonstrate training results in business terms. You will learn the primary concepts and, through an interactive case study, you will identify why you are unable to gain management support. Then you will work through the steps to develop credible solutions that will build support and demonstrate sustainable business results. You’ll discover how to validate your business case by determining the elements considered as investments, how to gain support for any learning initiative, and how to demonstrate proper results.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to identify the credibility-building items that management requires
  • How to determine the expectations of each level of management
  • How to itemize the capitalizable ROI elements for eLearning and mLearning
  • How to translate Kirkpatrick’s evaluation into business terms

Novice and intermediate level. Training professionals with a background in managing or coordinating learning initiatives, or experience in project management, learning management, or learning design and implementation.

Technology discussed in this session:

Student technology needs: