Eloqua University offered an entry-level course that was 2.5 days long. For scheduling ease and comprehension, their learners and instructors needed the 2.5-day class broken into smaller segments that could be attended in no specific order. To accomplish this, they assigned team members on- and off-shore to work together to build a learning path that includes a web-based introductory course and a series of instructor-led titles, while maintaining the continuity that was easy to achieve when the course was a single 2.5-day offering.

This session outlines their process and explores the techniques and tools that they used to ensure their geographically diverse team could create a fun, engaging learning experience while meeting the modular, blended, and continuity requirements of the fundamental series. This session provides project management and development techniques that the Eloqua team found successful for developing modular, blended content with an eye toward creating a rich learning experience. These techniques are applicable to any team wishing to accomplish the same, regardless if members are divided by a cubicle wall or an ocean.

In this session, you will learn:

  • A design process for generating a cohesive learning experience delivered in separate segments
  • How to excite and engage a design team, then make sure the team stays invigorated throughout the development
  • Project management techniques for a globally distributed team
  • A process for creating interactive elements for eLearning

Intermediate designers, project managers, managers, and directors. Participants should be aware of the process for creating content and understand the pitfalls that go along with that process.

Technology discussed in this session:
PowerPoint, Excel, and SaaS-based project management.

Student technology needs: