The deeper one gets into the exploration of the roots of human motivation, the more one realizes that there are strong similarities between the buying process and effective learning. The challenge is to make sure that when we are developing learning programs and platforms, we consider the many lessons learned from those who understand and act upon the buying process.

In this session, you will explore the buying process, identifying recent shifts brought about by online technologies that are changing the face of sales and marketing. In the process, you will examine the lessons of value for learning program architects, placing particular emphasis on realms of motivation and learner experience. The session will introduce a parallel approach to customer experience mapping. Participants will draw connections to their own experience as consumers and begin to apply the lessons of buying and marketing to enhance learning programming.

In this session, you will learn:

  • About the buying process as understood by marketers and salespeople
  • The parallels between the buying process and learning
  • How to leverage the buying process into learning programs or activities
  • A brief introduction to learner experience mapping

Intermediate and advanced learning professionals with some experience with adult learning principles.

 Technology discussed in this session:
Not applicable.

Student technology needs:
Not applicable.