The opportunities for learning are increasing rapidly with the emergence of new technologies. Process-oriented approaches to ISD become increasingly irrelevant as we move toward the consumerization of learning. In this environment, relying on ADDIE is dangerous, and learning theory provides little guidance for practical design. Unfortunately, most designers and ISD training programs remain stuck in these paradigms. Finding new ways forward is a demanding challenge.

Participants in this session will take a fast-paced look at the latest findings in design research. Far from being a boring academic exercise, you will learn the best ways for experienced designers to stay fresh as well as how to mentor new designers. You’ll learn about viewing design as layers, how to use design cases to extend their knowledge, and practical ways these can improve real-world design efforts.

In this session, you will learn:

  • The dangers of process-oriented design
  • How to differentiate between learning and design knowledge
  • How to define “design case” and understand how such cases can be used to improve designs
  • About simple tools like one-page client design briefs for practical implementation of new design concepts

Designers and developers with a basic understanding of ISD terminology. 

Technology discussed in this session:

Student technology needs:

Session Video