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DevLearn 2013 Conference & Expo - October 25, 2013

Craig Weiss

The Craig Weiss Group

With over 165 authoring tools on the market, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find the right tool for the job—not because the tools don’t exist, but because there are just so many to choose from. Additionally, most of the tools are geared towards the general populace and not specifically instructional designers and developers. This session will help clear things up.

This session will identify the top 10 authoring tools for instructional designers and developers. We will also discuss important features and the latest trends.

In this session, you will learn:

  • The best authoring tools geared towards instructional designers and developers
  • The latest features for instructional designers and developers
  • How to ask the right questions to find the right tool to meet your needs in the short- and long-term
  • The newest data on trends in the instructional design tools space

Intermediate and advanced designers and developers with at least three years of experience.

Technology discussed in this session:
Course authoring tools, including those that can achieve simulation and HTML5 output.

Student technology needs:


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