In the knowledge economy, workers need to be able to hone decision-making skills and readily adapt to change. However, measuring these skills is difficult. This session will help participants both measure performance and design for ongoing mastery and excellence.

This session will first address evidence-based approaches to assessing performance towards mastery. Participants will learn how to measure performance and how to apply this knowledge to their own in-house learning experiences. Participants will discover how to apply these criteria to the design, development, and implementation of eLearning, followed by an opportunity for participants to apply what they’ve learned to their own situations. Participants will then share their examples with the group. The session will close with a short summary that includes resources participants can take home to their workplace teams.

In this session, you will learn:

  • To define performance and mastery
  • A list of key criteria applicable to performance measurement
  • How to apply performance measurement to personal eLearning content examples
  • Ways to synthesize performance measurement with eLearning design and development processes for future projects

Intermediate and advanced. Participants should have previous experience designing eLearning experiences, experience with eLearning evaluation, and a basic knowledge of performance and why we would want to measure it.

Technology discussed in this session:
No specific technology.

Student technology needs: