Unlike other online or mobile content, videos are not interactive. You click a link, watch a video, and then return to the content. The video experience is passive, both on the desktop and when mobile. And when video is used in mobile learning, the navigation and interactivity is always outside of the video, so the learning is interrupted by the need to go back to the navigation system. But what if you watched a video and the video itself was interactive? You wouldn’t need to leave the video to navigate to other videos or other content. The video itself becomes the central hub—an interactive portal to all related content.

Participants in this session will examine the next evolution of video on the Internet and in mobile devices—interactive video. You’ll learn how video can move from one-way information delivery to a fully interactive medium where you can navigate directly from within the video to any other content.

In this session, you will learn:

  • The challenges with traditional video
  • The enhanced-learning options available with interactive video
  • How to use video as the central hub of your content
  • How to get started with an interactive video project
  • How to approach your mLearning design differently


Technology discussed in this session:
Content examples from iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.

Student technology needs: