Facing a countdown to iPad deployment, two product launches, and a major LMS upgrade, Eisai saw an opportunity to make the iPad its central training device and decided to transition all its training materials to mobile platforms. However, the additional integration of sales training, product knowledge, sales analytics, and new employee onboarding onto the same device was a new phenomenon.

This session will look at Eisai as a learning and development case study in going mobile. It will walk through the components of Eisai’s iPad training strategy, including goals, formats for migrating content vs. new build, and the top three critical decision points. It will outline the way that the strategy was aligned with other stakeholders, including marketing, sales, IT, and senior leadership. Finally, the session will reflect on lessons learned, including an improved process for designing and developing iPad training, maximizing LMS on iPad, and a breakdown of the training formats and features that were most embraced by end users.

In this session, you will learn:

  • The components of an iPad training strategy, including the top three critical decision points
  • How T&D can work with other departments to maximize iPad training effectiveness and efficiency
  • The lessons learned from an iPad training implementation case study
  • An improved process for designing and developing iPad training
  • How to maximize LMS on iPad
  • The training formats and features most embraced by end users

Intermediate managers, directors, and VPs. Participants should be interested in moving toward a digital strategy. They should have knowledge of their content strategy and a game plan.

Technology discussed in this session:
Mobile devices, mainly the iPad.

Student technology needs: