L&D professionals are always looking to get content to users at their time of need. Because they wanted to know that their employees were following correct processes in a timely manner, Altair Engineering, a software manufacturer, searched for ways to certify their users on the actual use of the software. Proctored exams required man power and leave a lot of room for error. The Experience API provided a good way to track user performance in the software. Using this data they could identify where users struggled and the suggest help topics, videos, blog posts, etc., to assist them when they ask for help. 

This session will go through the details of how Altair Engineering used the Experience API to record user clicks. You will see the data analysis process and how to setup the LRS and GUI to compare user runs against expert runs. You will also look at how to use this data to make suggestions to the learner based on usage. This system shows a practical use of the Experience API to get relevant content to learners at their time of need.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to set up your LRS to track statements
  • How to use the API statements to suggest content
  • How to set up software to make the statements to the LRS
  • How to use an algorithm as an engine to generate relevant results for users that ask for help
  • How to use the user vs. expert comparison to make suggestions of content to improve user ability

Participants should have a general understanding of the Experience API. 

Technology discussed in this session:
The Experience API. 

Student technology needs: