If you are moving to mobile, then multi-device learning delivery is clearly vital. But what form should that learning take? For some organizations, it may be appropriate to make courses accessible on the phone, but mobile learning can be so much more. Smartphones and tablets can bridge the gap between the classroom and the workplace by offering mobile performance support that is both adaptive and contextual, turning learners’ devices into a combination of coach and personal assistant.

In this session, you’ll see examples from organizations that are already delivering mobile performance support, from the simple-but-effective to more complex solutions offering adaptive and contextual support. You’ll find out what’s involved in getting started, how designing for performance support is different from designing multi-device courses, and what the future holds.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to easily achieve multi-device delivery
  • How mobile can deliver performance support
  • Important design considerations for contextual mobile performance support
  • What organizations are already doing to deliver mobile performance support
  • What Tin Can means for smarter performance support

Intermediate. This session is intended for people developing a mobile strategy to bridge the gap between the classroom and the workplace. This includes HR managers, L&D professionals, executives, and instructional designers.

Technology discussed in this session:
Mobile Tablet PC.

Student technology needs: