The Canadian Defence Academy (CDA) was given the mandate to develop a mobile learning strategy and established the Canadian Forces App Store within the Online Government Advanced Research and Development Environment. The technology solution and mobile architecture implemented with Defence Research and Development Canada allowed the CDA to create its own internal application store for IOS, Android, and Blackberry applications with enhanced security features while allowing members of the Canadian Armed Forces  and Canadian Security Sector to register and access the app store on their existing mobile devices.

Participants will learn about real organizational issues in developing the mobile strategy focusing on user needs. They will also receive an overview of the technology solutions available to establish an internally hosted app store as well as an open source framework for establishing a mobile learning management system.

In this session, you will learn:

  • About establishing your own application store
  • How to develop a progressive mobile strategy
  • About open source software that is available to establish a mobile learning management system
  • How the Canadian Armed Forces are using mobile technologies to support their personnel

Intermediate. Participants should be familiar with the use of mobile technologies to support performance. They should also be familiar with the challenges of creating and provisioning applications. 

Technology discussed in this session:
Symantec Mobile Application Management, Symantec Mobile Device Management, and an open source mobile learning environments for training. 

Student technology needs: