BAE Systems recently began a journey to implement social learning models for improving and speeding the business of learning: Its chief learning officer organization has been transformed to place emphasis on social and informal learning techniques as it moves to implement a 70:20:10 framework model. This model replaces the traditional courses and instructor-delivered-classes mindset with one focused on helping people learn and do their jobs better through continuous learning, collaboration, and knowledge management techniques. While still employing traditional courses and learning techniques, BAE Systems is concentrating on connecting people to people and people to content to support individual and organizational performance. While stressing the importance of people and process to make these connections happen, social tools and technologies play key enabling roles.

 Participants in this case-study session will learn what led to this strategy change, how BAE is applying its new social learning techniques, and the specific practices it is focusing on implementing. These practices and techniques include communities, knowledge continuity and transfer, expertise location, and collaborative learning. You will learn BAE’s implementation processes, the strategy, the pilot techniques it has been deploying, the lessons learned to date, and its plans for the future.