Now that eLearning is a mainstream solution for many organizations, the first solution to mandated training is, frequently, “Build a course!” Typically, a course is built first, and a job aid is developed from the course content. In many cases what learners really need is a job aid to help them at the moment of apply and perhaps a light course or video to show them how to use the tool made available to them.

PG&E started with the job aid, following the “planner, sidekick, and checklist” model, and included an “anatomy of a letter” diagram. This allowed them to gather key information and present in an organized, compact way. Then they built a fun eLearning course in Articulate Storyline that introduced the job aid as a tool to help letter writers. This project is a perfect example of starting small, where PS principles were used to reimagine a standard eLearning course request.


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