In a quick-service restaurant chain like Jack in the Box, performance support (PS) is everything—and always has been. What once was delivered as laminated job aids and printed reference manuals is now largely online, but no matter how the content is designed or delivered, credibility of the information is most critical to restaurant managers. Recipes and procedures for cooking, equipment, safety, and general operations are constantly changing, yet on its PS site, many documents had a 10-year-old revision date. Finding and motivating people in the organization to take ownership of various content areas was a constant challenge for the L&D group. In conjunction with a company-wide SharePoint implementation, the L&D group identified key content owners and formed a cross-departmental committee, which worked together to create a sustainable system of accountability for managing the performance support tools for restaurant operations.

In this session, you’ll learn how committee members, meeting quarterly, received education and best practices for creating and managing content, and ultimately became the deciding body for any changes affecting the PS site. Members hold each other accountable to standards for writing, design, and findability, and have a system in place to ensure annual review of content. Since the formation of the committee, restaurant managers report higher confidence and satisfaction with the content on the PS site.