So you believe that performance support is the right way to go. You believe that it’s a great investment. You believe its focus on the workplace and not the classroom represents an important change for your organization. That’s great. Now, how do you get others to buy into your new strategy? Making the journey to performance support cannot be an individual effort. You have to take your colleagues, your clients, and your sponsors with you. If you think performance support is great but they don’t, you’re going nowhere.

Participants in this session will examine the challenges of bringing key stakeholders along with you on your performance-support journey. Part sales, part marketing, and a lot of change management, your approach must be business focused and not training focused. How do you recognize a performance support opportunity? How do you educate your colleagues, clients, and sponsors about its potential? What objections should you be prepared to deal with? Keeping in mind that an impressive performance support tool is worthless if it no one supports it, this session will help you move from a great idea to a great idea that is used.